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Buying or selling an investment property can seem like an overwhelming experience, but it doesn’t have to be. At Executive Properties Capital, we offer real estate partnership opportunities that allow you to capitalize on the power of real estate investing without the daunting process. We specialize in multi-family properties in order to achieve above average returns on your investment.

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How JV's Work With Executive Properties Capital

Executive Properties Capital

Brings the experience and the work. Manages the projects (i.e. layout, permits, design, budget, timeline, etc.) Manages the team (lawyer, mortgage broker, trades, insurance broker, realtors, city inspectors, etc.)

The Investor

Brings the Capital. Pays the 20% down payment. The mortgage qualification. The renovation costs. The closing & carrying costs goes on property title.

The Results

The investor gets paid money back first. Any surplus is split 50/50. Any money left In property is split 50/50. Title remains in investor name, any and all profits from the property are split 50/50 between EPC and investor.


Learn about opportunities that we have for building generational wealth through real estate in current market conditions

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