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Meet The Team

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

Meet The Team

We are a team of passionate real estate investors looking to bring you value!

Sandy Mackay

Sandy grew up in the Greater Toronto Area and began his real estate career in 2011 with aprivate sale real estate company. He then got involved in real estate investing and boughthis first investment property in 2012. This lead to a career as a realtor with Keller Williamswhere he started in 2014. Sandy has built multiple million-dollar businesses in real estateincluding a realtor team that will sell 200+ units in 2019, a property managementcompany, a construction company, and an investment company. Sandy's success can beattributed largely to his ability to build and lead teams. He believes that everyone has thepotential to build a great team when they maintain focus and consistency in the rightactivities.

Adrian "Mr. Cashflow"

Adrian “Mr. Cashflow” has successfully partnered with a multitude of different investors. Adrian’s professional portfolio, built in less than a decade, is undeniable proof of his expertise, consisting of 50 investment properties or the equivalent of 200+ doors. Adrian is also the founder and co-owner of Executive Properties Inc., a high scale full-service property management company that services over 500 doors in the Hamilton area. He is also the co-founder of Vision Construction Management, a full-service construction company that focuses on multifamily conversions and renovations in the Hamilton area. He is also the founder of Executive Properties Capital Inc., an investment company that raises capital through joint venture partnerships to purchase investment properties. Adrian’s passion is helping others like him to achieve generational wealth. He created a proven model of success specifically to share with others through his “buy, renovate, and refinance” strategy.

Carolyn Pannozzo

Carolyn began her career in sales working for TSN and Discovery Channel for 16 years. She managed huge accounts such as Kelloggs, Procter & Gamble, Gillette, and Toyota just to name a few. She then transitioned into policing and worked for Peel Regional Police as a 911 dispatcher and then in 2013 moved over to York Regional Police in the same capacity.

Most recently she has joined her husband as the CFO of EPC helping to manage all of the JV partners’ properties and expenses. She looks forward to working with new JV partners and helping them build generational wealth for them and their families!

Mallory Papineau

Mallory is the newest member to our EPC team! Her background in Nursing has allowed her to hone in on her love of interaction with people and make the transition into Investment Real Estate.

While working towards her Real Estate License, Mallory’s primary role as
Director of Operations for EPC is ensuring our Joint Venture clients have a partnership and property they are proud of. She is excited to be there from the starting point until the finish line, helping build Generational Wealth for all of our current and future partners!

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