July 30, 2021

Barriers to real estate investing, and how to overcome them


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Barriers to real estate investing, and how to overcome them

When you’re thinking about investing in real estate, there can be some barriers involved. How do you overcome them to create the best possible future for yourself?

Let’s dive into some common barriers in real estate investing and how to overcome them

Not knowing where you want to invest

Not knowing where you want to invest in real estate can be a barrier to getting started.Not only does it have to be a place that you feel comfortable investing in, but also make sure that it’s a good financial choice that is likely to be profitable for you down the road.

How do you overcome this? Do your research! There are plenty of good real estate investing opportunities in the Greater Toronto Area alone. Think: cities that are growing and projected to see a significant amount of growth over the next few years.

Lack of experience

A lack of experience in real estate investing is a large barrier that many people may face before wanting to get started. For me, I had no experience dealing with tenants, which was intimidating. I wasn’t aware of the landlord tenant board rules, and what would happen if tenants didn’t pay.

How did I, and how can you overcome this barrier? Talk to people with experience in real estate investing who can help you through this transitional period. Learn about your rights through them!Join likeminded communities of people online where you can talk about issues and solutions together. And most importantly, educate yourself. There is plenty of worthwhile information online that is helpful to read when it comes to being a landlord and what rights you do have.


Another one of the barriers I personally faced when getting started was mindset. I first started 10 years ago, and I had nothing other than equity in my home. It’s hard to leverage everything to get started, because in the back of your mind you’re always thinking “Is this going to work?”

In the end, you have to take that leap of faith, and jump with both feet in to get the most optimal results.

I took the leap of faith, and 10 years of real estate investing later, we have more than 50 properties, 200 units, and two office spaces for our companies and all our employees. I’m only here today because I was able to overcome those mental and physical barriers, and made the life changing decision to get involved in real estate investing.

Let us help you

Although these are all barriers that can prevent you from getting started, there are solutions! And, it is worth it to find those solutions. If there are specific barriers that are facing you right now, I know we can help you overcome them. At Executive Properties Capital, investing with us is simple. Reach out to us through our website: https://www.investwithepc.com/contact-us by email: Executiveproperties@rogers.com or by phone at 416-938-2631. We would love to answer any questions you may have and help you get started on this exciting new journey!

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