November 15, 2021

Why The Holidays Are a Great Time To Buy Real Estate: Top 5 Home Buying Trends


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Why The Holidays Are a Great Time To Buy Real Estate: Top 5 Home Buying Trends

Snow is close to falling, Christmas music is already playing – purchasing real estate may be the furthest thing from your mind. But, did you know that the holiday season is actually a great time to buy an investment property? Read on in our newest blog post to see the top five home buying trends this holiday season.

Potentially lower interest rates

Although nothing is ever guaranteed when it comes to interest rates, historically they do tend to be lower throughout the holiday months due to limited demand. This equals out to more savings for you!

Less buyers

There is generally less inventory available during the holiday season as less people are selling their homes during this time, and there are less realtors, mortgage lenders and home inspectors available then there usually is. But - this doesn’t have to be an obstacle. Buyers can actually use this to their advantage. Fewer buyers means motivated sellers are more likely to give you a good deal on their home as their won’t be much (if any) competition. This equals significant cost savings for you, as opposed to purchasing a home during a busier time of year when it’s much more probable to get into a heated bidding war and see the cost of a property you’re interested in skyrocket.

Faster closing

During the holiday season, everyone seems a bit more motivated to get a deal done before the end of the calendar year - realtors, mortgage lenders and home inspectors included. This can help make the process of purchasing a property quicker than it normally would be at other months of the year, getting you, or your tenants into the home as quickly as possible.

More motivated sellers

As a buyer, motivated sellers are an added bonus as they likely have a timeframe they need to sell the house in. And, if they are selling their home during the holiday season, odds are they have an important reason to do so, whether that’s moving for a job, financial or family reasons. Because of this buyers have maximum leverage during the holiday season, as sellers are likely quite motivated to get out of their current living situation. This also means better deals for you!

Tax benefits

If you do decide to move forward and purchase a property throughout the holiday months, it could also give you tax advantages heading into the following year. Another reason to go ahead with a purchase during this time!

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