Director of Operations

Vanessa Pannozzo

My Bio

As an entrepreneurial and ambitious young woman in the real estate industry, Vanessa is committed to making a positive impact and building strong connections with other women in business. She is proud to be a part of Executive Properties Capital, a dynamic and growing organization that partners with high-net-worth individuals to create a seamless real estate investing experience. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as a team member, where she contributes her property management skills and keen design insight.

Having helped build our property management company from the ground up, she is experienced in implementing new technologies and software to better serve our clients and contractors. Her background in psychology provides a solid understanding of human nature and has enabled her to build strong relationships within the industry. She is a progressive-minded individual, always looking for new ways to improve and stay in tune with developments in the field. Whether you're a client, contractor, or fellow entrepreneur, Vanessa is dedicated to providing exceptional service and building meaningful connections.

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